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Searching for a Food Stylist?

Food stylists can be expensive.

Save $000s by using Artificial Intelligence to turn smartphone pictures of your dishes into professionally styled food photography.

Food stylists are professionals who specialize in creating visually appealing and enticing images of food for various media, including advertisements, cookbooks, and menus.

They use a range of tools and techniques to make food look as delicious and appetizing as possible.

One of the key techniques that food stylists use is the use of food props. These are items that are not actually edible, but are used to enhance the appearance of the food being photographed. For example, a food stylist might use mashed potatoes to create the perfect scoop of ice cream, or use a mixture of glue and water to create the perfect syrup for pancakes.

These props allow food stylists to achieve the desired look without having to worry about the food itself melting or losing its shape during the photoshoot.

While food stylists can produce stunning images of food, they can be quite expensive to hire. This is where AI can come in as a suitable replacement when operating on a budget. AI-powered tools can mimic many of the techniques and strategies that food stylists use, including the use of digital manipulation and the creation of food props.

For example, a food photography AI system can use machine learning algorithms to learn how to identify and enhance the key visual elements of a food image, such as its color, texture, and composition.

That's where PlatePose comes in.

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Give me the quick pitch.
PlatePose uses AI to generate dozens of unique food images to share on your social profiles.

You upload 10-20 images of your dish, we train an AI model, and use it to generate over 50 different images for you to use.
How does it work?
Once you sign up and pay, you will be asked to upload between 10 and 20 images of your dish (the same dish each time), from different angles.

These will be used to train an Artificial Intelligence model, which will be used to generate your pictures.
How much could I save?
Food photographers can cost $000s per shoot - common rates are usually in the $100-$200 per hour range.

PlatePose can cost as little as $9 per dish, and can generate dozens of images for you to use.